Seaborg Technologies is a clean-tech company dedicated to developing the next-generation of nuclear reactors that will aid in the fight against global warming while remaining affordable to under-developed countries escaping energy poverty. Driven by ambition and passion, and powered by innovation and cutting-edge skill sets, we aim to deploy the sustainable energy source for the future.

Success is not driven by a good idea alone, it needs the right team as well. At Seaborg Technologies, we have that team. By comprising diverse backgrounds such as traditional nuclear engineering, particle physics, business, social sciences, and computer science, we combine the accumulated and validated knowledge of the nuclear industry with fresh and novel approaches only available from new ways of thinking.

We take great pride in our work, which leads us to constantly seeking new and improved solutions to tomorrow’s energy challenges. Based on innovation, ingenuity and value we strive to produce reactors whose safety is governed and guaranteed by the laws of nature, that eliminates the possibility of nuclear proliferation at any cost, and that rid the world of its nuclear waste.


Eirik Eide Pettersen Co-founder. MSc, nuclear engineering. Background from NTNU, NBI, BarcelonaTech, INSTN, and PSI.

Troels Schönfeldt  Co-founder, CEO. PhD, nuclear physics/reactor physics. Background from CERN, NBI, DTU Nutech, and ESS.

Esben Bryndt Klinkby Co-founder. PhD, particle physics. Currently senior scientist and neutronics expert at DTU Nutech. Background from CERN, ESS, NBI and Duke university.

Andreas Vigand Pedersen Co-founder. PhD, theoretical high energy physics. Background from NBI, Max Planck Institut für Physik, UC Berkeley.

Navid Samandari Co-founder. Serial tech entrepreneur and business angel. Background as a CTO/developer in numerous startups.

Ask Emil Løvschall-Jensen Co-founder. PhD, high energy physics. Background from CERN and NBI, and later as IT-consultant and big data analyst.