Neutronics meets particle physics

Seaborg Technologies develops advanced software tools delivering knowledge and computational assistance to MSR companies around the world. As a testament to our cutting-edge skill set, our reactor concept, designed and research exclusively with our in-house tools, has been favorably reviewed by both Energy Process Developments and the IAEA.

At Seaborg we have a highly motivated team with backgrounds from leading research institutions like the Niels Bohr Institute, European Spallation Source, and CERN. Our unique synthesis of state-of-the-art tools from particle physics, neutronics and engineering gives us unprecedented handle on reactor physics, ideal for studying the dynamic and multidisciplinary behavior of molten salt reactors. Combining the data analytics driven dynamic models from particle physics and the well-established robust Monte Carlo stocastic models from neutronics (neutron transport) has allowed us to create a robust and flexible neutronics computing framework perfectly suited for MSR computations and simulation. By appying our unique approach we have achieved validating the design for the world’s first thermal-spectrum nuclear waste burner, and performed multiple first-of-a-kind simulations of molten salt reactors. For these reasons, we have firmly established ourselves as the leading MSR design service house. Our strong ties with the scientific community and cooporation with several universities give us unparalleled computational power,which is an absolute must in modern neutronics calculations, particularly within dynamical burn-up computations and transient analysis coupled to thermal hydronics and online chemistry.

At Seaborg we are currently improving and expanding our software tools for tackling a variety of challenging reactor physics calculations, including

- Dynamic burn-up calculations.

- Online refueling and reprocessing with reactivity control.

- Advanced core design, auto-optimization algorithms.

- Dynamic multi-fuel breeding ratio calculations.

- Coupled multi-physics .

- Chemical dynamics including chemistry-neutronics coupling.

- Delayed neutron shielding and activation calculations.

- Delayed neutron control, incl. transient effects.

- Damage estimators for decay of transported fission products.

- Neutron noise calculations and power oscillations

- Handling dose calculations and source term estimation


Our products require experts from a multitude of disciplines working together. As a company rebooting an old industry we appreciate that skills such as neutronics and reactor simulations are hard to come by. Seaborg Technologies is already performing consultancy services for other MSR companies around the world and we are eager and ready for new challenges. We offer a well-tested and robust computational framework running on state-of-the-art super computers. By tapping into our consultancy services, you have access to the same people, tools and computational resources we use to design, simulate and test our own design, as well as verify, optimize and benchmark our clients designs. This approach allows each of our customers to capitalize on the accumulated experience and knowledge of MSR simulations, thus minimizing risks while reducing the need for individual, custom-built tools and computer resources. Moreover, it also enhances flexibility, as we can easily and rapidly scale projects in periods of particular needs.