Energy for high-tech industrial applications

In addition to delivering clean, cheap and abundant electricity, the physics and engineering of molten salt reactors reactors have several advantages over conventional nuclear reactors. In particular MSRs operate at significantly higher temperatures (700-900 centigrades) than conventional nuclear reactors. This means higher thermal efficiency and leads to a wide range of potential industrial applications. The list includes district heating, hydrogen production, artificial fuel production and water purification/desalination. Many of these lead to second generation sustainable solutions e.g. carbon-free fuel for gasoline and diesel engines.

Small modular reactors – big possibilities

Unique reactor technology and IP gives our CUBE reactor design a superior form factor and results in exceptional scalability. This allows for a reduced core size with more than a factor of five compared to other competing MSR designs. Seaborg Technologies unique reactor design therefore allows the CUBE to enter the small (modular) reactor regime which means that its modular design allows for easy transport, quick replacement of various components, and ease of maintenance. Moreover, its small and compact design opens up a host of currently untapped markets, including industries such as shipping, mining, water purification, datacenter electricity/cooling, high-temperature metalworks, remote communities, islands, decentralised grid etc.. All this, cheap and 100% carbon-free. For such smaller-scale industrial purposes inherent safety and non-proliferation reactors are completely essential. Seaborg’s CUBE reactor is therefore a serious candidate for a sustainable energy production for tomorrow – both for electricity and for industry.